Asbestos Awareness Training


Marks & Spencer have partnered with Environmental Essentials to develop a bespoke training course to give all people working on their properties a thorough understanding of what they need to look out for and the risks associated with Asbestos.

This M&S Asbestos awareness training is a MANDATORY requirement and is the only form of asbestos awareness training that they will accept. It is therefore imperative that all operatives complete the training BEFORE going on site.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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From April 2019 there is only one version of the course, however please note that this is split into two parts. You must complete BOTH the "General Asbestos Awareness (AA)" module and the "M&S specific AA training" module.

From 1st February 2015 the training can be undertaken at no-charge and Simple Compliance will be updated with details of the people who have completed the training. However, please be aware that with the "no-charge" training a certificate will not be issued.

M&S appreciate that many contractors work with other customers who may have a requirement for training to be externally recognised and a certificate issued. Environmental Essentials offer a version of the training which includes a United Kingdom Asbestos Training Association (UKATA) asbestos awareness (AA) component for which (on completion of the UKATA component) a certificate will be issued.

The UKATA AA certificate is the common prerequisite for site access across many construction and maintenance sites in the UK. The UKATA certification route is available for £30+VAT for an individual license.

In selecting a course which holds a UKATA certificate you will be ensuring that the materials, exams, and training narrative are assessed against core UKATA syllabi by a UKATA competent independent verifier. In addition, all UKATA certificates hold a 2 hour CPD award.

Completion of the UKATA component as part of your M&S asbestos awareness training will qualify you for discounts on a range of additional content and online training services. To discuss the range of opportunities available to you and your organisation via the paid route please call 0800 0542354 or email

When you launch the training you will be passed to the Environmental Essentials Ltd Learner Management System.

Immediately after you have accepted the Environmental Essentials privacy policy you will be given an option to pay by credit card.

UKATA rules do not permit retrospectively paying for a course which has already been completed, so you must pay before you start the training if you require a UKATA certificate.

Please note you cannot pay retrospectively any longer, as was an option with the previous training provider.

For bulk licensing enquiries please call 0800 0542354 where an Environmental Essentials Ltd representative will discuss your needs and assign you to the payment arrangements which best suit your needs.

The course has two modules, one a general asbestos awareness module and the other a specific module for M&S.

The M&S training module has been developed by expert asbestos consultants and satisfies internal M&S training requirements.

The paid and unpaid route of the general asbestos awareness (AA) module includes the approved UKATA AA training component. Successful completion of the paid component will result in a UKATA certificate being issued.

From 1st July 2013 the online courses are the required asbestos awareness training for M&S, no other asbestos awareness course is approved for work on M&S properties.

The system is web based and requires a modern standards compliant browser. To see a full list of supported browsers please click here.

The training lasts approximately 3 hours, however it is split into many small sections. Once you have completed a section your progress is stored in the database and so you can stop at any time and restart the training after the last completed section.

It is advisable however that you attempt to complete the training in a single session for both impact and time efficiency.

If your company needs to register a several people then you can nominate a company administrator who can then add your staff directly. Please email for instructions.

The training is supported on Apple iPads and other tablets. However due to the length of the course and the information within it, we would not recommend you undertake the training on a smartphone.

A preferred screen size of 10 inches or more is strongly recommended. AN ABSOLUTE MINIMUM OF 7 INCH SCREEN SIZE IS REQUIRED.

If you have problems or questions regarding the training please email or telephone 0800 0542354.

If you have problems with registering for the training, please email